In Kahramanmaraş, the train hit the car 1 dead

Train hit a car in Kahramanmaraş 1 dead: 1 person died and 3 people were injured as a result of the freight train crashing into the car at the level crossing in Kahramanmaraş.

The train carrying cargo from Adana to Malatya with flight number 53364 hit the 49 E 2020 plate car under the administration of Salih Doğramacı, which was trying to cross the level crossing in Türkoğlu district Yeniköy District.

In the accident, Mustafa Aksin died in the car at the scene. 8-year-old Yusuf Baran Doğramacı and Besey Aksın with the injured driver were taken to various hospitals in the city by 112 Emergency Service teams. The railway, which was closed due to an accident, was opened to transportation after the works.

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