KadıköyTCDD principal defective in train crash in

KadıköyIn the train accident in TCDD, the main defect was: Ilıcalı, who was left outside after the doors closed suddenly while passing the stroller, the train moved and the young mother died badly as she struggled to open the door. The family of Ilıcalı, who is a lecturer at Okan University, filed a lawsuit at the Istanbul Anatolian 30th Criminal Court of First Instance and asked for the punishment of those responsible. In the examinations made by experts, TCDD and conductor Süleyman Uğur Özkoç were found to be imperfect. It was emphasized that the train mechanic Abdullah Çiğdem, who moved the train with the approval of the conductor, had a minor defect. In the expert report, it was emphasized that Özkoç neglected his duty. It was stated in the job description of the conductor that the expert committee, who defined the disabled person and the woman with children, who would give time to get on the train safely, gave approval to the mechanic for departure before the conductor did his duty.


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