Mass transit in Izmir

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality impoverished: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality again signed a fiasco and called the ğ revolution in transportation ş.

What was this system?

ESHOT General Directorate set out with the slogan düğüm the knot in public transportation is unraveling.. Center, KarşıyakaThe transportation system of the 5 sub-region belonging to the 42 main region, including Bornova, Buca and Teleferik, was redefined. Even some bus lines of the districts were canceled and the stops were removed.

What was he aiming at?

To decrease the traffic density in the city in Izmir, to wait at the stops and to shorten the journey time, to increase the public transportation alternatives more quickly. At the same time, ring voyages were replicated and the transportation habits of the people of Izmir were changed. It is aimed that passengers use different options instead of single line dependencies.

29 June 2014 gün Re-Design of Transportation System Tasarım entered our lives on Sunday. Of course, the first day of the holiday day was not understood very clearly. However, it was understood on the first business day; it was a very challenging and debilitating service in practice as previously envisaged by the public.

In theory, it is a pleasant object, but it was a nightmare for the people of Izmir at the moment when they came to life. Especially in winter, when schools are opened, we don't even want to think about what will happen in the rain.

The result is a complete chaos Sonuç

Many citizens do not know the destination and stops, the buses to the transfer points are delayed. People are waiting in the heat of Izmir for a few minutes, in some lines above the capacity of passengers because unfortunately; they have to make a journey in the form of fish. During Ramadan, Mubarak tensions are stretched, and inevitably leads to controversy.

The 15 has been increased to 5 by 105 from 7 to XNUMX. In the meantime, to reach the goal, you've made a mini tour of Izmir. In fact, various, Caps BB have been entered into our lives, criticizing ESHOT and IMM on social media.

A more important problem is the districts and quarters where bus line services have been completely removed. Karşıyaka in the district 33 thousand population Cumhuriyet Mah. one of them. Bus services in this big neighborhood have been removed or formally forgotten. As the reaction of the residents increased with each passing day, they filed a complaint to the local muhtar to make their voices by pressing the muhtar's building. They stated that if no solution was provided, they would not pass any other bus lines passing through the neighborhood.

The so-called populist president Aziz Kocaoğlu, especially Izmir's edge districts to remember and visit only at the time of election, without understanding the problems of citizens; He denied the right of transportation and dictated it by saying ”I did it ulaşım. Because the president, the people sitting on the upper parts of the neighborhood, go to work hours before departing, a long distance has been condemned to walk.

There are 1,5 millions of people in İzmir who use public buses every day. In the city there are 490 thousand disabled; old, young, child, sick. When the schools were opened in winter, the long lines used by university students, especially one bus, were completely removed. For example, to go to DEU, now 4 was forced to do the transfer. If the metro or izban failure or delay if; Stacking, grievance, waiting time will be exceeded in the stations.

I think these important points have been ignored; In the summer months, the city was calm.

The people of Izmir, who use public transportation vehicles, have been the victims of the imposition and dictation of this unresolvedness, which is a revolution in transportation. 8 will perform in 18: 00 to announce their voices in front of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality.

When determining the names of ships, the democratic mentality that asks for the public makes a radical change in public transportation; he saw no need to ask His servant. 10 is a municipality that can only stop two metro stations a year; would have dreamed to expect a successful work çalışma


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