Izmir subway fire exit scandal

Fire exit scandal in the Izmir subway: Göztepe station should be the second fire exit site is incorrectly projected 3.5 million pounds of public damage was claimed to occur.


The scandals do not end in Üçyol - Üçkuyular Metro, which Izmir Metropolitan Municipality started to build with its own resources. Talking about the tunnel rupture, the absence of fire extinguishing and detection systems, now the "fire exit" scandal at Göztepe station left its mark on the agenda. Although there are 2 fire exits at Göztepe Station in the contract and the project, one was built. Allegedly, excavation work was carried out for the second fire exit. However, when the stairs of the fire exit came under the apartments on İnönü Street, the exit was canceled with the thought that it would damage the foundations. The excavated fire exit tunnel was then refilled. Then, after İzmirspor and Hatay Stations, Göztepe Station was put into service in recent months. Allegedly, approximately 3.5 million lira was spent for the closed fire exit. Therefore, public loss occurred. Thus, a situation against the specifications and world standards emerged.


The images revealed the seriousness of the incident once again. In order to prevent the contact of the concrete structure at the base of the subway with water, it is seen that the membrane that is laid is swollen with the effect of groundwater.

In order to reduce the pressure created by the underground workers on the floor, it was observed that the water was cut off by cutting the membrane with a cutting tool.

Watching the images of the Chamber of Civil Engineers Izmir Branch President Ayhan Emekli, the subway tunnel in this way to be opened to the voyage of voyage said.


Public damages in subway construction were not limited to this. Ground water and earthquake load were not taken into consideration while making the project. Therefore, "complete bundling isolation" was envisaged in the tunnel. Allegedly, the tunnel project was prepared for zero water pressure. Calculations were also made accordingly. The contractor firm carried out the productions in accordance with the project. In this context, during the tunnel construction, the floor of the tunnel was covered with a structure called isolation so that the concrete structure would not be affected by water. However, the water pressure increased as a result of the rise of the groundwater level later on. The tunnel was ruptured twice on different dates as a result of the impact of the water on the ground. The isolation structure lost its functionality due to rupture. 7-8 million lira has been spent so far for isolation. The money paid for additional foundation production is unknown. Allegedly, the rupture of the isolation structure produced as a result of the faulty project caused a second public damage. On the other hand, as a result of the lack of grounding in the tunnel, it was also among the allegations that the reinforcements were subject to corrosion due to the effect of water, and that the reinforcements could be loaded and collapse due to the effect of corrosion.


STFA-SEMAL JOINT VENTURE: Here is the membrane that collects the score.

IMM AUTHORITY. This is where the water is going now. There's the smell of water in the channel.

STFA: Going to pumps

STFA: This is ÖZTAŞ's invert

IMM Official: Is it? Gee. Then we did not .. Bozoğlu was not in time?

STFA: Bozoğlu was not done in time. This was the pilot tunnel. It was excavated. It stood in the form of a ramp. These are the inverters made by ÖZTAŞ.

STFA: Remember? Water flowed in the same way they opened the shaft. We couldn't stop at that time.

STFA: These T2 T1 combinations need to be handled very well.

IMM Official: T2, T1lerin. Likewise, in Göztepe, in the Polygon

STFA; Goztepe, this is the combination. Fahrettin Altay entrances are being made more recently. I think they need to get over it.

IMM Official; “(Means the bottom of water filled ground) Is it coming down? Doesn't it get off?

STFA: Down coming

IMM Officer: Going Down?

STFA: It would be good if the ground went down to zero. It's bad if it stays that way.

IMM Officer: We put some weight on the last time

STFA: We pass the machine through. It's like filling in inverters.

IMM Official: So there was a lot of pressure here.


Stating that the underground water level should definitely be foreseen at the design stage no matter where the metro is built, Emekli said, “It is not possible to think that the water enters through the cracks and the rails fill the stations with water significantly when it enters, and it is not possible to think that the subway can operate in this situation. Moreover, there is a significant electrical voltage there. These must be taken into account. Water entering must be prevented by drainage. There is definitely a drainage system in sight. But it was not enough that there was a tear, "he said.


İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu spoke at a press conference held at the Gas Factory regarding the 'Tramway Project'. Stating that mistakes may occur during the construction phase of such projects as in every construction, Kocaoğlu said, “Recently, a campaign has been launched in the press regarding the İzmir metro regarding Üçyol-Üçkuyular. In this campaign, it is not a matter of whether we name it Ahmet or Mehmet. We are building a subway. There is a company that made the project. There is a company that controls, has the competence. As in every construction, mistakes come out during construction. The important thing is to eliminate them. It is to take precautions for them. In this work, both the contractor firm has the responsibility, and the firm that executes and supervises the project has the responsibility. As I said in the transmission system, we are faced with a negative propaganda without seeing or living. "We see that it includes many issues such as covering up certain issues and changing the agenda, no matter how neutral we can be realistically without being caught in conspiracy theories, we live."


Chamber of Civil Engineers Izmir Branch Chairman Ayhan Emekli Sabah evaluated the allegations that the fire detection and extinguishing system could not be made by Egeli. Stating that it would not be possible to open the subway to use without the system in question, Emekli said, “It is not possible to operate the system unless there are fire detection systems. It must be. Even if the system becomes inoperable while my system is running, it must be put into service after stopping the passenger transport and repaired. There are many examples we live with. The last incident took place in the tunnel between France and Switzerland. There was a fire and many casualties there. This system must work. Without the system, it is not possible for the metro to carry passengers and operate. If you do this, you will endanger people's health. There is no other explanation for this. " Drawing attention to the importance of obtaining the opinions of professional associations in decision-making processes, Emekli said, “If these processes were included in these processes, we would definitely make our warnings. As a result, these warnings would be taken into consideration and perhaps they could have been prevented ”.


Noting that the point where the rails are ruptured as a result of the water pressure is exactly where the rails are laid, Emekli said, “The water pressure lifts the concrete that has been poured considerably on the line where the rail wagons will go. While a tolerance of 2 millimeters is mentioned in the METU report, there is a swelling of about 1.5 meters at the bottom. We are talking about meters in one place and a tolerance that does not exceed two millimeters in another. This is very serious. Even if we consider that the water pressure does not lift the concrete, the ingress of water also creates important drawbacks. Against this, the project must be handled completely. There is currently an existing metro line. There is nothing to be done right now. The subway tunnel has been built. "It is necessary to take this project as it is, to consider the part that is not opened at the moment, and to re-evaluate it, without thinking about the solutions that save the day with temporary solutions.


Stating that the construction of the subway must be stopped before a sufficient solution is created and implemented in terms of both water and earthquake-related engineering, Emekli said, “It should not continue any more from now on. Especially in this state, it is not possible to open the line to passenger transportation. This problem, which was found in 2012, was' passed away with a temporary solution? Or has a solution really been created? ' I have to ask him. Metropolitan must make a satisfactory statement on this subject. After this news, it is very important for all people who will use this subway to resolve the fear in the Metropolitan Municipality's statement. Metropolitan must show that it has solved this in some way and created a serious solution ”.

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