Hyundai Rotem Left Class in Domestic Production

Hyundai Rotem domestic production was stay in class: EUROTEM, Turkey's technology without any kind of electric railway lines and light rail vehicles with high-speed train sets and was established in Sakarya to carry out the production of high-speed railway passenger coaches; and TCDD, ypk'n date and the 30.01.2006 2006 / 4 T-decree pursuant to the Board of Directors and the date and 13.02.2006 3 / 35 15% rate in accordance with decree the company has been common in the capital.

Hyundai from Korea Rotem and Hyundai Corporation, TCDD from Turkey, ASAS and HACON companies EUROTEM Hyundai, established in 2006 with the participation of, the vision to play a leading role in the rail transport Turkey was established to make domestic production of light. The company's largest shareholder of Hyundai Rotem's readily Turkey is also a major investment in the automotive industry.

The biggest shareholders of the Company are ROTEM COMPANY (G.Kore) with% 50,5, ASAŞ Otomotiv with% 33,5,% 15 TCDD and% 0,5 share with HACCO Teknik Müşavirlik İnş. And Tic. Ltd. Is Sti.

The capacity of the company, the local industry and TCDD subsidiaries and other production units; work sharing, production partnership, direct order and similar applications; technology and know-how.

The foreign partner Rotem has committed to the transfer of information within the framework of the Technology Transfer agreement, which will enable the production of all kinds of vehicles within the Company's production range, including the High Speed ​​Train Sets, in our country. In this context, it would initially provide a localization rate of% 35 and the localization rate would then gradually increase.

The EUROTEM plant is expected to start operating with at least 50 vehicles annually and will provide employment to around 200. Factories in the first year so 35-42 is scheduled production to be made by the domestic share and nativism rate will rise to increase every year TCDD's subsidiaries and to increase the capacity utilization rate of the local industry, formed to competition and considering the capacity of an approximately $ 10 billion in the year 1 It was also emphasized that the source would keep the domestic market.

The Foundation of the garden TÜVASAŞ thrown EUROTEM factory as the benefits to Turkey;
Foreign capital input, ensuring the first stage directly to two hundred, two thousand jobs to provide indirect, ancillary industry to develop, uncover new industries and development of our country and the surrounding countries, to meet the needs of local governments, our country substantial foreign exchange savings and bring entries, Turkey ' It was planned to become the most important forward railway industrial center in the region from Europe to the Middle East and to Central Asia, unfortunately none of these could be realized. Means and numbers of vehicles sold in our country;
1.TCDD Electric Locomotive - 80 Qty-80 vehicle: 312.789.438 USD
2.Marmaray EMU Tools - 440 Tools: 585.038.104 EURO
3.TCDD EMC Tools -96 Car: 139.800.000 USD
4.DMU Ankara -85 vehicle: 76.000.000 USD
5. Izban - 40 EMU 120 Car: 179.998.812 USD
6. IETT LRV (T4 Topkapi-Habipler) -34 vehicle: 68.000.000 USD
7. IETT EMU -M2 Yenikapı-Hacıosman-92 vehicle; 126.000.000 USD
8.Adana Tram- 36 vehicle; 85.680.000 USD
TOTAL 983 VEHICLE: 1.770.000.000 USD
CONCLUSION Hyundai Rotem company 2006 1000 years on Sakarya established that near Electric locomotives in Turkey since the EMU, DMU, ​​such as the LRT and tram and rail vehicles sold has achieved 1.8 billion USD of income. The first year so 35-42 nativism in the production with a share and nativism be incrementally increased every year, the rate and 10 years, the commitment to remain a source in our country about $ 1 billion to make sales this far and you need to perform in accordance with the organizational goals despite the fact that income has unfortunately happened. In addition, the 200 person has not fulfilled the commitment of employment.

It uyabils Hyundai to commitments to be made Rotem today in our country 10% per year 51 's very top would provide local contribution and greatest technology transfer, but unfortunately the 10 years has realized sales of about 10 brokerage with domestic contribution not exceeding 1000%. Today, even in South Africa, Alstom and 7 have achieved a minimum 65 domestic contribution in the country within the annual transition period. Because, South Africa has taken localization very seriously and supervised every stage and brought penal sanctions if not observed.

We, as the ARUS cluster, expect our Hyundai Rotemden to bring the local contribution rate to the minimum of% 80 as soon as possible by including our cluster members who have developed a lot of domestic production in the domestic production.



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