Hitachinin launches new AT100 and AT200 trains

Hitachinin launches new AT100 and AT200 trains: 21 On July, Hitachi Rail Europe launched its new AT100 subway train and AT200 regional train. AT100 is planned to be used in suburban service and subways. The length of the vehicle is 20 m long. The AT200 has a length of 23 m. Depending on the route requirements, AT200 3 and 12 will be operated as train series.

The AT100 120-160 will accelerate to km / h, while the AT200 160-200 will run at km / h. Both trains are manufactured with light aluminum alloy extrusion and friction mixing welding. Both trains operate in dual voltage, in accordance with the British market, both with the 25 kV overhead line and the 750 V third rail.


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