Gölköy road like a battlefield

Gölköy road like the battlefield: Bolu's most preferred promenade area of ​​Gölköy, one of the drivers of the ring road has been infuriated. Drivers in the area around the lake is worse than the battlefield, "the entrance money is good when the service came, no one came around," he reacted.
Citizens and drivers who came to our province from the surrounding provinces and preferred Gölküy especially at the weekends were shocked by the landscape they saw. Gölköy, which is one of the most preferred natural wonders both on weekdays and on weekends, has started to get a reaction because of the returning roads to the battlefield.
Citizens coming to Gölköy to spend the weekend and to open the iftar, the lake surrounding the road full of potholes and vehicles entering the pits that cause material damage said citizens, lar We came to regret. They know how to take money at the entrance, but when it came to service there is no one else. Bolu's name is also undermined because of the way back to this battlefield. Bolu does not suit these roads at all. After the month of Ramadan, more people will come here, but if the roads like this, only flies are caught in Gölköy. R

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