KadıköyHigh-speed train protest in Turkey (Video)

Kadıköyhigh speed train protest in Istanbul: The group walking to Haydarpaşa Train Station reacted by writing 'kills' on the train picture on the posters that announced the opening of the high speed train.

The group that came together to remind the Pamukova accident in 41, when 2004 people died, Kadıköy He walked from Hayyolpaşa Train Station to Altıyol. During the march, the group smashed the posters of High Speed ​​Train advertisements on the boards.

The group gathered in Altıyol Square with the currencies written as "Transportation for the people, not for rent", "Get out of the capital, Istanbul is ours" and walked to Haydarpaşa Station by closing the Söğütlüçeşme Street. During the march, slogans such as “Haydarpaşa guard, the station will remain”, “Cultural heritage cannot be sold” and “Stations cannot be sold to the public” were thrown.

Some of the activists tore up the posters with advertisements of the High Speed ​​Train line, which will open on Friday, during the march. İshak Kocabıyık, the Organization Secretary of the United Transport Union (BTS), who made a press statement on behalf of the group that came in front of Haydarpaşa Station, said, “The AKP government and the Prime Minister gave orders as usual. The high speed train line between Eskişehir and Pendik will be opened on July 25 before the construction works are completed. ”

Kocabıyık reminded the accident that took place in Pamukova on July 41, 81 years ago, saying: “As a result of the speeding train that was in Haydarpaşa-Ankara expedition and derailed near Pamukova, our citizens died.

After the declaration, the group, who had been sitting in front of the Gar and shouting slogans, then disbanded without incident.




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