General Secretary Longdan Review

General Secretary Uzundan Review: Secretary General of the Special Provincial Administration Mehmet Uzun went to the village of Aşağı Dana, where asphalt works were started and examined the works on site.
Uzun has instructed the company official to stop the work due to the deficiencies seen after his review on the road and to continue the asphalt after the deficiencies have been eliminated.
Our Secretary General Mehmet Uzun said in his statement after the investigation: mal The asphalt material of our village in the village of Aşağı Dana was withdrawn from last year and this year it was left as the asphalt could not be raised. Contractor company by checking the material on the road by checking the material must be done by missing the missing parts to be done in the examination I have done only on the road with graded maintenance on the road I have started to work asphalt and the work immediately to be stopped, dismantled parts of the asphalt under the material again by pulling the road asphalt after being ready I told him to start work. Our aim is quality and permanent service. For this purpose, seeing the work done on site is very effective and useful. I wish the work to be beneficial to our people in the village, Yap he said.



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