Metro answer from Kocaoğlu

Metro response from Kocaoğlu: Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Aziz Kocaoğlu explained with the Peninsula Strategic Plan that they have prepared a map of where they will oppose Wind Power Plant and Fish Farms, which cause controversy to the public. Kocaoğlu said that the problems regarding the construction of the Izmir subway have been overcome and that some sections have made propoganda before the campaigns.

Seasonal seasonal flowers and geranium purchase contract was signed between İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and Bademler Village Agricultural Development Cooperative. CHP Izmir deputies Alattin Yuksel, Mustafa Moroglu, Hulya Güven and 9 district mayor attended the contract in the village of Bademler Speaking at the contract ceremony Aziz Kocaoglu, the vision of local development, he said. He stated that they attach great importance to agriculture, industry, trade, tourism and service sectors as well as agriculture. Kocaoğlu pointed out the importance of cooperatives in the fields of agriculture, saplings, organic agriculture, contracted production and asphalting of land roads.

Stating that the strategic plan has been made in the peninsula, Kocaoğlu said, “We know the vegetation, tree cover, natural resources, archeology and natural constraints like the palm of our hand. If you know, you are making the right decision. You produce. You get support. There is very little work left in the Peninsula. We will map where to build a Wind Power Plant (WPP) and where WPP will not be built. We will determine in which bay the fish farms will be, how far from the shore, how far from the open sea. So we will know where to oppose fish farmers. Our fairness will increase. Nature will be able to prevent the environmental disaster. We will know where to oppose RES, where we will not oppose. We will act accordingly. If there is no scientific base, you cannot put what you do not want on the scientific ground, the defense mechanism, the trust in believing will weaken. You face obstacles to go to the target. We will meet with the mayors of the peninsula about the projects to be done. ” Kocaoğlu announced that they will make a strategic plan for Gediz and Bakırçay and Küçük Menderes basin.

Stating that they will overcome the perspective of cooperatives in agriculture, Kocaoğlu said, “There should be strong cooperatives, not very cooperatives. We held meetings for this. We will meet with agro-industrialists and traders dealing with the agricultural sector. We will determine a road map. We will not be a rule-maker for cooperatives. We will facilitate the works of cooperatives in a flexible structure and become a bridge and partner. We have no right or authority to impose them. We don't look like that. Ours is to facilitate, guide, invest, raise farmer and peasant farming. They removed the village sign and made a neighborhood. By removing the sign, Bademli Village does not leave the village. It is important to develop. ”

Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu made a statement regarding negative news in some media outlets regarding Üçyol-Üçkuyular metro construction. Kocaoğlu said: “In recent days, we are faced with a bombardment from known circles and media organs, and a smear made so that only mud horse traces are left without reason and science without the original lining. It is not right to answer, to be an addressee. But they write these and draw. If you do not answer it comes to the correct mode. It can also use other press organs. We have seen similar ones in the past. I will make a short statement only in terms of knowing the truth. ”

Kocaoglu of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, stating that the construction of the subway The meat was tender, the company that makes the project's construction and control is one of Turkey's most established construction firms and projects, he said. Kocaoğlu said, “The contractor firm, the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the company carrying out the project and control has found out how to solve every problem at every stage from universities, by consulting the experts of the subject. We stopped the construction and continued after the solution project was done. We waited 13 months to pass the last remaining and problematic 9-meter section. This is to believe in mind and science. We did it after that. Now, people and groups who have adopted the principle of releasing negative energy to the city, which has received the news that the subway is over, the experiment lovers have started and will be put into service, have entered into a propaganda so that the nation will not use it. "If we have misdemeanor, you can criticize us, you can tell our old ones, but you cannot scare, frighten, you don't have the right to use the metro," he said.

Stating that Metro was built in accordance with its project and will work in accordance with its project, Kocaoğlu said, “It is a shame, it is a sin, a pity. Do not you want to take the metro to this city? Don't you want a new fairground? Don't you want to take the tram? Don't we want refinement? What do you want? If you say what you want, we will gladly give you the answer. ”



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