First day report of the revolution in Izmir (Photo Gallery)

The first day report of the revolution in İzmir: What happened in the first working day of the system that led the buses to the metro, İZBAN and the ferry, by the General Directorate of ESHOT?

A new public transportation system was launched with the slogan of yol revolution in transportation. By İzmir Metropolitan Municipality.

The system 29 was launched on June Sunday, canceling long lines and directing buses to subways, İZBAN and ferries and causing huge controversy. On the first day of the week, there was no problem and the eyes were changed to first working day.

The first working day of the system was also undamaged in general. The 'holiday season' effect, the absence of any interruption in İZBAN and the frequent work of the new lines did not cause any major problems other than the overtime hours.

Only those who had previously had to go to the points they had reached with one bus, or who did not know the new routes were hesitant and distressed, the new system was especially comfortable in the traffic in Alsancak.

The visual acuity of the bus lines in the main arteries was noticeable.


On the other hand, reactions from the local opposition to the system continue. Aydın Şengül, AK Party Deputy of İzmir, from his Twitter address, "I invite Kocaoğlu, who reduced the bus to find a solution to traffic in İzmir, to go to work with ESHOT for a day!" shared his message. Şengül also said, "For God's sake, you should ask Kocaoğlu. How will our citizens of Izmir go to customs in the new system? If anyone knows, please tell "he said.

AK Party member of the MKYK and Izmir Deputy Av. Hamza DAĞ made a press statement about the change of public transportation system of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. Hamza Dağ, ”We are trying to treat the disease with solutions that are useful for mass transportation Ham.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality has set out a project with the motto anı Knot solved in Public Transport İzmir. In other words, 15 has been the ruler of Izmir for a while. Instead of accepting a solution to this problem, they developed a project that would make transportation more complex and difficult.
The advantages of the new transportation system are really funny. For example, buses to the city center will be removed and the traffic load will be reduced in the city center. However, when buses to Basmane and Customs are removed, a lot of new lines are opened to Konak, which means that the already busy Konak is getting busier. Another issue of this system is planned to integrate only the rail system and buses. Besides, no integration is considered at the point of sea transportation. Sea transportation is forgotten in a city which has a great advantage in sea transportation like İzmir. In this system, which is introduced as a transfer system, the disabled people, the elders, the girls who should travel with a pram are thought to be a different subject. In addition, the CHP period in the transfer centers, which are also reflected to the press and social media from time to time, such as the tail of tube gas tails hopefully does not increase in the new period.

By developing a project for the inaccessibility of public transportation, this problem cannot be solved, the solution to this problem is obvious. İzmir is still far behind in rail system and sea transportation. If you do not increase the rate of sea transportation and rail system in transportation, new roads to the city will be created. kazanNo matter how much you think you have found a new system, you will not have produced a solution to this problem. Unfortunately, this is exactly the problem in İzmir, instead of treating and curing existing diseases, it is to pass the day with scarce solutions.

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