First working day report of transfer system in Izmir

The first working day report of the transfer system in İzmir: The second day of the new system, which reduces the number of buses in the city center and main arteries and strengthens the transfer system in İzmir, was marked by the surprise of the passengers. Since it was the first working day that the system was implemented, the passengers who were not aware of the change suffered because they did not know what to do. Although it was summer season in İZBAN and Metro, some passengers could not get on the train from the crowd in Şirinyer 2-3 times in the morning.

Although the new application of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which strengthened the transfer system of ESHOT, started on Sunday, June 29, the people of Izmir met with the changes today (June 30) because it was the first business day. Center, KarşıyakaThe changes in the transportation system of 5 sub-regions belonging to 42 main regions including Bornova, Buca and Teleferik caused some problems on the first day. Especially in İZBAN and Metro, there was a busy time going to work in the morning. Although it is a summer period and the schools are not open, the accumulation occurred in the most crowded stations of İZBAN, Halkapınar and Şirinyer stations. Due to the intervention of TCDD main line train at Şirinyer Station, 10-15 people could not board the incoming İZBAN train three times due to crowd. During the transfer, some passengers had to wait for the next flight at the Halkapınar Station due to the lowering of two İZBAN trains from different directions.

ESHOT made the face-to-face guidance in the transfer regions. Passengers' questions were answered one by one instead of the direction signs. With which vehicle, where and where they can go, alternatives are explained. Brochures containing routes were distributed. In the Transfer Centers, the inner rings of the city were taken to a continuous expedition and aggregation was prevented.

Aiming to change public transportation habits, the project negatively affected passengers who did not know about the changes on the first business day. Passengers who started to ask questions to the passengers and bus drivers around the buses of the buses entering the transfer centers instead of the routes they used to, experienced astonishment and anger. Those who transferred to their new bus without any problems did not react. However, passengers who could not find the bus to get on as soon as they got off, criticized the system. Some passengers who stated that they were late for their work due to the transfer, also reacted, "We become victims without transfer in the winter months", "When I transfer, I get tired until I go to work", "When I have a single bus, I am tormented by this transfer."

Passengers who criticized and praised the transportation system for political reasons also drew attention. A passenger at Halkapınar Station said, “This is the CHP mentality! Why do I have to transfer to my job in Alsancak? ” asked. Another said, "There is something Aziz Kocaoğlu knows about making the change." Passengers trying to be objective against the changes said, “We will wait and see. Traffic is also a relief. However, I do not know whether it is due to summer months and Ramadan or the effect of the new system ”. On the other hand, some passengers complained that the journey took longer than before.

ESHOT, İZBAN and Metro officials stated that the new system was operating on the first working day and that no major problems occurred. Stating that the density on the İZBAN line draws attention, the officials said that they will solve this problem with the arrival of new train sets, which were tested in August before the schools opened. Stating that two sets of 6 wagons are operating in İZBAN and the triple sets will work with the introduction of new wagons, the officials stated that the frequency of post-work trips will be increased regarding the renewal of the signaling system and the limitation of TCDD main line trains and even the entrances.

ESHOT officials stated that a few of the lines planned on the first working day had problems, and they solved this by introducing additional buses. The officials stated that they did not wait for a long time at the transfer centers for the passengers coming from the vehicles coming from the districts and that there were difficulties only in İZBAN and Metro several times, “ESHOT officers directed the passengers. We did not keep the passengers at these centers. We see and correct our shortcomings. A relief was detected in traffic between Alsancak and Konak. Traffic decreased in the morning hours at Şair Eşref Boulevard compared to the past. In the evening, we will also look at the impact on traffic after work. However, the system is working successfully as of the first day. ”



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