Turkish President of the European Asphalt

Turkish president to the European Asphalt Pavement Association: Asphalt Contractors Association of Turkey (ASMUD) Ayberk President Özcan, asphalt industry in the world that shape the European Asphalt Pavement Association (EAP A) was elected to the Presidency.
According to the statement made by the association, Özcan, who has been in the management of EAPA since 2006 and has been the vice president for the last three years, was unanimously elected as the head of EAPA in the general assembly held in Paris.
Ozcan, said in a statement on this issue, they assumed that they are very happy in Europe, their responsibilities increased a fold more.
Özcan emphasized that the pride of being the chairman of the union gathering the non-governmental organizations and companies representing the asphalt industry of the European countries under the umbrella of the union, said:
"In this way, Turkey asphalt industry, to be represented at the highest level in Europe, it has begun to play a more active and effective role in all activities and lobbying the union. This roof structure, which was established in 1973 to work effectively for the development of the asphalt industry throughout Europe, and headquartered in Brussels, has many members from Europe and outside of Europe. Turkey Asphalt Contractors Association as information on road and asphalt industry, we aim to increase the cooperation of producing technology and services. "




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