Erdogan: Yozgat-Istanbul HRC project continues at full speed

📩 30/11/2018 16:16

Erdoğan: Yozgat-İstanbul YHT project continues at full speed. President candidate and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan stated that the high-speed train project that will reduce the distance between Ankara and Yozgat to one hour and the 4 hour between Yozgat and Istanbul, continues the “top speed Kayseri, Yozgat Kayseri. He said they would connect him by high-speed train.

Erdogan addressed the public in Yozgat Republic Square within the framework of the presidential election campaign.

Erdogan, in his speech, Yozgat 79 year 44 kilometers of divided road is made, this figure during the AK Party governments increased 10 times increased 355 kilometers said.

Ankara-Yozgat between one hour, Yozgat-Istanbul high-speed train project will reduce the 4 hour, "last speed" continues voicing Erdogan, said the project will complete in 2017 year.

Erdogan, Yozgat'i Kayseri will connect to the high-speed train, the investment program, they expressed, said that they will begin construction in the future.

In Don't listen to the rumors about the high-speed train. We'il finish what we started. The high-speed train will also reach Yozgat, and hopefully, if we become president, we will also come and open it. Erd Erdoğan said:

“The cost of our city hospital is 270 trillion. We have laid the foundation of our 475 inpatient city hospital with a public-private partnership. Although there were some problems during the construction phase, the works started rapidly. I hope Yozgat'ı city hospital. After that, go to Ankara will not come. Hopefully, we'il finish the whole thing at Yozgat City Hospital. No worries. Like other projects, we will be the followers of the city hospital. We are making sports and life valley established on thousand 700 acres in Yozgat. With this project, which will cost 50 trillion, the face of Yozgat will change. There is an area that can meet all kinds of socio-cultural needs such as sports facilities, ponds, adventure parks in many branches. This is a project under construction. We will complete this as soon as possible and meet you. I give the good news of our women thermal and sports complex project here. Only our brothers and sisters will benefit from this facility. Every comfort was considered. The project of this complex is over and we are bidding this month. ”

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