Erdogan to attend the opening of YHT line at Eskisehir station

Erdogan will participate in the opening of the YHT line Eskişehir station: AK Party deputy Salih Husband, People's Day organized by the party in the event of members of the press answered the questions of the press.

High Speed ​​Train studies continue at a great speed voicing MPs, ğ Passage of high-speed train was completed. There were two high-speed train lines and a conventional line, so far we were using the conventional line, and other main lines would be used as soon as possible. İki

Remains that the bridge was done with the demolition of the bridge bridge reminding Koca, said:
Alan This project was prepared as a recreation area and we met with the headmen of the neighborhood and took over the overpass proposals, we reached an agreement, the project phase of this project was completed, we entered the bidding process. The area that is related to us only covers the top of the closed section, the years on the right and the left, and the cleaning work completely belonging to the local municipalities. Bizim

High-speed train works after Ankara and Konya, indicating that the completion of Istanbul Koca, "Kismet if the 25 in July, Prime Minister Erdogan will participate in the opening of Eskisehir station," he said.

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