Ease of Transportation Revived Sinop Tourism

📩 24/11/2018 13:33

Ease of Transportation Sinop Tourism Revived: SİNOP Provincial Culture and Tourism Director Hikmet Tosun said that the mobility of city tourism was gaining mobility by providing air and road transportation convenience.
SINOP Provincial Culture and Tourism Manager Hikmet Tosun said that urban tourism gained mobility with the ease of air and highway transportation. Tosun said, “The increase in transportation quality has increased the tourism and daily tour in Sinop by 50 percent.”
Sinop, an important tourism city with its sea and green nature in the Black Sea, has become the center of attention of local and foreign tourists. Especially the transportation of Samsun-Sinop highway, which was opened this year with airline transportation, brought mobility to the city. Culture and Tourism Provincial Director Hikmet Tosun said, “Increasing the quality of the airline and highway increased tourism and daily tour by 50 percent in Sinop. Tourists now prefer Sinop for their daily visits. The improved road standard brought with it a new competitive edge. We have a tourist surplus in summer, and a tourist deficit in winter. We also need to increase winter tourism. With the improvement of the transportation standard, we will work on winter tourism. ”
Expressing that there is a significant increase in the number of domestic and foreign tourists coming to the city despite the month of Ramadan, Provincial Director Hikmet Tosun said, “Last year, approximately 800 thousand people visited Sinop. We estimate this figure will exceed 1 million this year. In the future, Sinop tourism will be in better places. Sinop broke its shell on tourism. Both air and land transportation and Cruise Tourism carried Sinop to a different point ”.

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