World Tattoo manufacturers in Turkey

World Tattoo manufacturers in Turkey: An International Tattoo Convention held every 3 years, 30 June - took place in Berlin between July 1, 2014. Participants from 27 different companies from 700 different countries came to the congress. After about 3 CEOs and senior Congress of Leaders of these firms Turkey 4-2014 July 36 "the first hook Inc. forged parts manufacturers and university institutes in Kocaeli and Ankara.

Kanca Inc. The visitors were very impressed by the state-of-the-art machinery, high technical infrastructure, layout, layout and most importantly the young employees who focused on their work, and congratulated the Turkish automotive supplier industry for this point.

* Who organized the meeting: In Berlin, this time the meeting was organized by the European Forging Association.

A brief history of the European Forging Association (EUROFORGE):
The European Tattooists Association, whose foundation was laid in Paris with the coming together of countries such as Germany, France and England on November 9, 1961, grew over time with the participation of other European country associations.
In 2000, it became effective in many areas from automotive to aviation, from construction equipment to mining, covering the whole of Europe with a new structure, including all types of forging technology.
In the 2006 Industrialists Association of Turkey Tattoo Euroforg to the site (DÖVSAD is) it has been included in the site.
The Association of Forging Industrialists (DÖVSADER) is an association that has been established in 2003, including Tattoo Companies, a member of TAYSAD for many years, such as ÇİMSATAŞ, KANCA, OMTAŞ and PARSAN.
EUROFORGE; With more than 350 tattoo industry members in eleven most developed countries of Europe, it represents around 80.000 employees, 6 million tons of forging volume and a turnover of around 15 billion Euros.
* How often and how is the meeting held?

The 3 World Tattoo Congress is held annually and is on a separate continent every time. 2011 had hosted India in. Next time in 2017, China will be hosting for the first time.

* The influence of Turks in the Berlin meeting:
For the first time in a congress, so much Turkish influence was felt.
Alper KANCA, Vice President of Euroforge, has been involved in the Congress Regulatory Committee, which has been conducting preparations that began one and a half years ago.

One of the most important sponsors of the congress was Asil Çelik, the star of the Turkish Steel Industry.
Two of the 20 communiqués presented during the congress were again Turks. One of the world's most famous professors, Vice-President and Vice President of Machinery at the University of Dortmund. Erman Tekkaya performed. The other one is Gürbüz Güzey, who describes a European Union project of Omtaş.

Turkey also drew attention to participation in the same way with a lot more delegates of the advanced industrial countries.
factory visits after the congress, held every country tour of Germany after the country's most-requested that Turkey should be perceived as a sign of the close attention to developments in the foreign country.

* How did the hook visit:
The world's leading tattoo industry organization managers and owners, who visited the facilities of KANCA Forging Steel Inc. in Şekerpınar, stated that they highly appreciate KANCA's environmental awareness (ISO 14001) and its quality system (ISO 9001: 2000, ISO TS 16949: 2002). they expressed.

In the presentation made at KANCA, information was given about the developments in the Turkish Automotive Industry, the activities of TAYSAD and TOSB, the first and still only automotive supplier industry specialized industrial zone in the world.

It was also stated by the visitors that KANCA, which serves large foreign customers such as BMW, Audi, Volkswagen and Scania, as well as domestic companies such as Toyota, Fiat, Renault, Ford, has a superior performance in many aspects than its European competitors.

Mr. Dr. Landgrebe, Technical General Manager of Hirschvogel, one of the biggest tattooists of Germany in the global sense, expressed this as follows; “I have heard good things about HOOK from my friends. When I came and saw it, I really found your level quite high. Turkey's automotive industry has also reached that level and, in particular, can not even be predicted by a lot of people living in Germany. You should better publicize this power, this side of you "
As a result, visitors to our country and that is very positive impressions about the automotive sector with an important partner of Turkey's industry and increase their collaborations returned to their country, thinking that their benefits.

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