D-100 Roadside Trash

D-100 Road Landfill as the edges: the distinction of being one of the most important road in the west and the east of Turkey joining the D-100 garbage thrown on the edge of the road, causing the formation of unpleasant images.
During the road between Osmancık-Hacıhamza highway and especially in Kızıltepe area, waste of food, drink and old clothes left by TIRs parked around traffic area causes environmental pollution.
D-100 TIRs, which carry international transportation along the highway, prefer to park in the park instead of truckers, and after their use, they throw away various wastes.
D-100 reacts to the situation in the vicinity of the neighboring peasants who see the garbage bags left on the sides of the highway and parking areas. The villagers, who voiced their reactions, expressed that the garbage left to the roadside and the parking areas were distributed through the wind and the environmental impacts in the agricultural lands.
Authorities who want to produce a solution to this situation, villagers, such as parking areas and roads to the appropriate places where garbage can be thrown in the garbage by collecting certain points, the collection of garbage from time to time taken to be harmful to the environment to be emphasized.
The fact that Osmancık and its surroundings are in this state, by using the D-100 highway to remember this kind of dirty images, and that these dirty images remain in memory, will cause a situation that will cause them to be very upset and hurt themselves as a Osmancıklı villagers. they expect to find a solution.

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