COAL MOZAMBIQUE 2014: 28-30 October 2014 Maputo, Mozambique
To show the value of Mozambique's coal industry and to shape its future
According to preliminary calculations, with a billion tonnes of coke production and thermal coal capacity of 23, Mozambique remains one of the most promising and prominent coal sectors in the world and is a leading exporter of coke coal and thermal coal in the global market.
However, due to the excessive supply in the thermal coal market, the mining industry has experienced a decline in international commodity prices, and also the limitations on infrastructure logistics have led to important questions about the time-consuming use of these coal reserves.
The 4th Annual Coal Mozambique 2014 (4. Annual Coal) conference will be held in cooperation with the Mozambique Coal Development Association and is supported by the Minerals Ministry. Here we will discuss the vital issues that will shape the future of Mozambique's coal industry.
In this context, information will be given on the latest projects including developments in port and rail facilities.
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Conference Day 1

8: 00 AM Signing up and coffee
8: 30 AM President's opening speech
8: 40 AM The location of Mozambique in a sensitive global economy
9: 20 AM New mining law
10: 20 AM Beverage and business break breaks
10: 50 AM Policy options for native participation
12: 50 PM Lunch break and job interview break
1: 50 PM Up-to-date information about the Vale coal project - Creating a sustainable coal market in Mozambique.
2: 30 Up-to-date information on PM Jindal's evolving coal project - the southern part of Zambezia in Mozambique
3: 10 PM Drink and break the job interviews
3: 40 PM Central west Africa exploration project - mining development in Mozambique
4: 20 PM Roundtable negotiations: Development of coal projects in Mozambique and future growth forecasts
4: 50 PM First day break
5: 10 PM Vale Cocktail Reception

Conference Day 2

8: 00 AM Signing up and coffee
8: 30 AM President's opening speech
8: 40 AM Opening the Meeting of the Ministry: Mozambique's changing landscape in the coal industry
9: 00 AM Project financing
10: 30 AM Beverage and business break breaks
11: 40 AM Updated Nacala Railway Project
12: Up-to-date information on the 20 PM Maputo Corridor
1: 00 PM Lunch break and job interview break
2: 00 PM Exposing the iron and steel treasure of Mozambique
2: 40 PM Ncondezi Energy - Expansion of Mozambique's electricity production from coal
3: 20 PM Drink and break the job interviews
3: 40 PM Panel discussions: Mozambique's electricity generation and the impact of coal developments on electricity supply and demand
4: 20 PM Panel Meetings: Funding for coal projects in Mozambique
5: 00 PM Expectations for supply and demand forecasts - 2017
5: 40 PM President's closing speech
5: 50 PM end of second day and conference


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