Kanal Istanbul accelerated its work

Kanal Istanbul accelerated its work: The world's largest 3 inaugurated by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan in recent months. From the airport after Turkey's largest and crazy project described as 15 billion dollars 'Channel Istanbul' project comes into play until the end of the year.

Turkey will make economic sense for global powers began the work of the giant project. Continuing its work on the subject, the Prime Ministry will have completed the geological surveys, route and expropriation works to be carried out by the Channel Istanbul route in 2014. The project is expected to be hit in the 2015, while the project is scheduled to be completed in 5 annually in 2020.

The average annual 160 ship is expected to pass and the 47 will be worth a mile length. Thus the money spent on the channel in Istanbul will be covered by its own cost per year.

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