Catenary repaired and Eurotunnel returned to normal operation

The catenary was repaired and the Eurotunnel returned to normal operation: 7 On July, a service train carrying passengers was trapped in the Channel Tunnel for several hours. The fault that caused this event was an interruption in the overhead power line. The repair work of the 800 m overhead catenary line on the northern operation line was completed and the Eurotunnel returned to full operation.

Passengers trapped in the tunnel during the breakdown was transferred to the south tunnel through the service tunnel. Another service train was waiting for them here and they were taken to France.

Even after the incident, the operation continued on a single line in the Channel Tunnel. Even during this low level of operation, the 4,860 Eurostar and six freight trains were transported alongside the 2,284 passenger vehicle 51 truck in the English Channel Tunnel. English Channel Tunnel English Channel connects England to continental Europe with a tunnel built under the English channel. In addition to passengers, trucks and vehicles are also transported through this tunnel.

Yves Szrama, Eurotunnel customer experience manager, said: “Passenger safety always comes first to us. Once this is achieved, we will try to make them comfortable and well informed. Thanks to the recently established mobile phone services within the Canal Tunnel, we were able to keep the passengers informed on this occasion on a regular basis. ”

In addition to employee training, Eurotunnel invests a total of € 110 million for the development and maintenance of its infrastructure.

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