Unfinished Road Causes Accidents

Unfinished Road Causes Accidents: In YOZGAT, it is stated that concrete asphalt works which are planned to be carried out after the infrastructure work on the divided road, cannot be completed and it has triggered fatal traffic accidents. 12 people were killed and 6 was injured in the traffic accidents that occurred this year in the areas where traffic is closed and transportation is provided by one lane.
The E-88 Highway, which starts from Kırıkkale and extends to Sivas and passes through Yozgat, has been completed in the 220 km long section. The concrete asphalt works that were started later were not completed due to the fact that the 8 was continued in pieces within the annual period and the highway could not be opened completely. Yozgat-Saray between Yozgat-Saray and Yozgat-Sorgun part of the investment program were started in March and part of the road was closed to traffic. The transportation in the road connecting the Eastern Anatolia to the western regions started to be given by one lane. 3 people lost their lives in the 12 separate traffic accident that occurred in the sections where the road works continued until March, and 6 people were injured in the same accidents.
6 District Director General of Highways Aydoğan Aslan said that the total cost of the ongoing road works project in the Yozgat province is 1 billion 543 million liras. Aslan, from the Kırıkkale provincial border of the highway to the Yerkgat district of Yozgat, said that the works in the 588 kilometer were completed in the previous year.
Mr. Aslan stated that they planned to complete the works in the Yozgat-Yerköy section by the end of the year.-In the previous years, the work in the 40-kilometer section of the project was completed. This year, at the entrance of the Sorgun 7 kilometers closed by traffic to the traffic traffic by closing the 5 mileage continues, giriş he said.

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