Ramadan Setting for Bursaray Expeditions

Ramazan Adjustment for Bursaray Expeditions: Responding to the requests of the citizens, BURULAŞ extended its military service through 01.00 during the month of Ramadan. In late hours of the tarawih prayer, in the context of the Temasa-i Ramazan events in Merinos, BURULAS organized a one-hour expedition with the new application.

During the month of Ramadan the most recent time of departure will be: kü The latest train from Emek to Arabayatağı 00.43, from Uludağ University to Arabayatağı 00.45 Merinos -Emek 00.50, Kestel'dan university and the bus for the passengers going to the direction of the last movement for the transfer of the University of the University direction 01.07 Labor 00.55 will be announced in the form.


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