Road Works in Boyabat

Road Works in Boyabat: Boyabat District Governor Bilal Bozdemir, said the district will not stay in the village corrupt.
Pointing out that all the villages in this area can be easily reached even on rainy and rainy days, Bozdemir said, “At the moment, the damaged asphalt from the Boyabat exit up to 1,5 kilometers from the Engilekin village junction is about to be completed and the infrastructure works for the new asphalt pavement will be completed and asphalting will be done soon. According to our planning, this year we will be paving the Kolaz villages group road 3,5 kilometers further from where the current asphalt ends. We will continue the asphalting works within the framework of new plans in the next 2015, ”he said.
Kaymakam Bozdemir, said:
“Right now, a machine is waiting to be repaired as a result of a lightning strike. After the repair, we will send a team to this region for the stabilization of the roads between Dağtabaklı, Yazi village, Çaybaşı, Ören and Çurkuşlar. The other road work is the Kurusaray group road, 19 kilometers of asphalting work was done last year. At the moment, the road up to Köprücek village, ahead of Basalt Rocks, is asphalted. The target on this group road is the section up to the Kavak village bridge where all village roads meet. This section is 7,5 kilometers ahead of where the current asphalt road ends. This year, we will be able to asphalte 4 kilometers of this section. We will complete the remaining 3,5-kilometer section next year. Last year, we built 200 kilometers of stabilized road to Boyabat villages. We continued our work by working overtime until 20:00 to 21.00:XNUMX at night. Our work after Ramadan will continue at the same pace. There will be no muddy roads in the villages of our district "
Stating that the work continues in Günpınar, Paşalıoğlu and Yeşilçam villages, which are defined as Gündüzlü in Boyabat, Bozdemir emphasized that when they complete the road works in the villages, they will have completed an important problem for Boyabat.



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