Bolu Municipality is doing wagon tender

Bolu Municipality is contracting wagons: The wagons that Bolu Municipality brought to the café district of Karaçayır neighborhood are being auctioned to 2 bin 500 + KDV monthly.

30 The wagons, which are the subject of polemics in Bolu Municipal Assembly before the March local elections and frequently reported in the local media, are being auctioned in 12 in August.

It is announced that the estimated price of the tender will be 300 thousand pounds and monthly 2 thousand 500 pounds + VAT will be auctioned by Bolu Municipality.

Bolu Mayor A.Yilmaz, in his statements to the press before the local elections to the Municipality of Bolu 2 thousand 500 thousand euros annually, claiming that the actual figures of the council member Erhan Beykoz made the following assessment

“We bought 2 wagons and these wagons will cost us 1.176 TL annually. In other words, the total cost of locomotives and two wagons to us is 2 thousand 500 TL. Now, with these figures, did he catch 300 thousand TL with the identity of a journalist? City council caught up with its identity? Or did he catch up with the identity of being a Republican People's Party? I don't know that. With such comic, I do not find it very nice for a city council member to show up in the municipality and launch it to the public. But I think he has a little problem with the numbers, and I think he needs to do some math work, four operations. I hope that he will learn these too ”

However, 13 Municipal Council meeting on August 2013 Municipal council member Erhan Beykoz in his statement by submitting documents to the Municipality of Bolu wagons at least 368 thousand 250 thousand pounds said.

A year later, the monthly 2 thousand 500 pounds + VAT auctioned wagons and wagon cafe 's rental cost of wagons to the fact that the cost of the reveal.

Wagon Cafe 10 is rented for a year.
Let's see the Wagon Cafe tender which will remain the lucky (!) Winner.


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