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Is the 4th bridge coming to the Bosphorus: From Bakırköy KadıköyThe 4th bridge to the Bosphorus is planned for the subway line to be built in. The inadequacy of the Metrobus project directed the authorities to rail systems.

From Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Bakırköy-İncirli, Kadıköy-The consultancy service started a new study for the 28 km metro line that will extend to Sogutlucesme. The metro, which is planned to be built in parallel with the metrobus line, is expected to pass through the north of the Bosphorus Bridge.

The fact that the metrobus project, which was implemented in order to provide a solution to the traffic problem in the short term, was inadequate due to the high demand of Istanbul, directed Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality towards rail system projects in order to produce a rooted solution. In the tender specifications, it is not stated whether the subway will be crossed by two bridges or tunnels, while various scenarios are being worked on. Due to geographic conditions and high cost, the possibility of bridge crossing is higher. Kadir Topbas, the Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, stated that they would make a metro line parallel to the metrobus in the pre-election squares and that they could use metrobus in the bridge crossings.

İBB Directorate of Transportation Planning,, İncirli-Edirnekapı-Gayrettepe-Söğütlüçeşme Rail System Project li, started a tender for a consultancy service. While the İBB officials avoided to make a statement, 20 was invited to the tender which will be held on the date of August 2014, and they have been invited to the prequalification application for the tenderers who have enough experience.


Those who are determined as a result of the prequalification assessment will be listed according to the criteria specified in the prequalification specification and a short list will be created. The tender will be made with the participation of those who will be invited to bid "among certain tenderers". A new bridge will be built to the north of the Bosphorus Bridge for the new metro, according to the sketch in the tender dossier. The beginning of the bridge on the European side will be in the area where TRT buildings are located on Kuruçeşme ridges. On the Anatolian side, it is planned to pass by Beylerbeyi Palace, about 250 meter north of Boğazköprüsü. A further bridge should be built for the metro, also to the Golden Horn. According to the aforementioned sketch, a new bridge will be built in the direction of Eyüp, which is on the Haliç Bridge.


Or İncirli le Edirnekapı l Gayrettepe-Sogutlucesme Rail System Project Technical Specification epe describes the purpose of the work as follows:
Ar Transportation study of the subway lines to be prepared and route surveys, comparative route researches on appropriate scales for the route alternatives to be developed, determination of appropriate routes and station locations in accordance with the study results, preparation of station pre-projects, determination of operating scenarios, preparation of zoning plan modifications of the selected route, Obtaining financial and economic feasibility studies mali
The duration of the preparation of new metro line projects of approximately 28 kilometers is 365 days. In the corridor determined for the metro line, current and future travel demands will be determined and route studies will be prepared.
Within the scope of the tender, İncirli ergah Edirnekapı l will be producing different alternatives for the Gayrettepe-Söğütlüçeşme subway route. Approximate cost will be prepared for the metro facility and stations.


For the necessary areas of the Metro line, all the routes and the necessary areas of the station will be identified and the right to expropriation, property information, current building status and information about the location of the plan will be compiled.
Deputy Director Faruk Vahapoğlu, the conductor Yunus Emre Ayözen and technical staff Hakan Akça said in the conclusion of the technical specifications:

Ecek Project promotion animations will be delivered to the ADMINISTRATION together with all the digital files used in the production stage of 3 minute sound animation 3 size, which describes the whole project. The actual video will be shot for each and the Turkish voice over will be applied.


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