Road discussion between the Mayor and Regional Director

Road Discussion between the Mayor and the Regional Director: At the Zonguldak Provincial Coordination Board meeting, there was a road debate between the Mayor of Filyos Town, AK Party Member Ömer Ünal and the 15th Regional Director of Highways Sami Uyar.
District governors, mayors, and representatives of public institutions and organizations that have investments in the city attended the provincial coordination board meeting held in the hall of the Provincial General Assembly under the chairmanship of Deputy Governor Ahmet Karakaya. After the speech of Sami Uyar, 15th Regional Director of Highways, Filyos Town Mayor Ömer Ünal asked whether the tender for the Zonguldak-Filyos Highway, where fatal accidents frequently occurred, was concluded.
Regional Manager Sami Uyar stated that the project was completed in 2013 and said, “The tender phase is a different dimension since the investments belong to our general directorate and our ministry. Investment evaluation continues. In this context, if deemed necessary, the tender will be held on the determined date ”. President Ünal said, “I am meeting with the project company. "The company says the project is not finished, there is a problem with the drilling of the tunnels," he said. Thereupon, Sami Uyar reacted by saying, "If you accept the project manager as your addressee, the project company should organize your next projects.
Speaking again, Mayor Ünal said, “The district governor says 'follow, ask the project firm'. The regional manager takes a stand on me for asking the project company. What am I going to do now? " he complained.
Ali Arslankılıç from the CHP, the Mayor of Kilimli District, who was elected on March 30, reacted to the unilateral termination of the contract by the Regional Directorate of Forestry due to the failure to pay the rent of Radartepe Social Facilities operated by the municipality. President Arslankılıç said, “The one who takes Radartepe gets it from me by court decision. The contract was terminated on the grounds that the rent was not paid. There were unpaid rents under the previous mayor, then why wasn't it canceled? At that time, there was the AK Party municipality, that money was not demanded, ”he said.
Forest Regional Manager Ahmet Sırrı Beşel said, “You can legally seek your rights. You can apply to the court. We respect that too. Our agreement with you ended unilaterally, ”he said.
Deputy Governor Ahmet Karakaya asked Mayor Arslankılıç to apply to the court and said, "Do not perceive this as the ruling opposition."

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