Başaranhıncal asked for support for Çoruma railway

Başaranhıncal asked for support for Çoruma railway: Çorum Başaranhıncal, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Çorum, said that without industry there would be no railway.

10 CHP Deputy Chairman Yakup Akkaya visited Çorum in August within the scope of the presidential elections to be held in August and visited the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Başaranhıncal gave information about the economic structure of the province to Akkaya, asked for support on the railway.

Başaranhıncal pointed out that the biggest problem of Çorum is railway and that this is now a political issue for Çorum.

Expressing that they expect support from Akkaya regarding the railway, Başaranhıncal said, “The railway is in the assembly, sohbet support us when it comes up in the environment or in your lobbies. The railway is essential for Çorum to break its crust and be somewhere in the 2023 or 2030s. It is not possible for industry to exist without the railway. The other leg of the project is about Samsun. It is very important to connect the capital to the port. Many chambers of commerce are demanding in other provinces at their meetings. I saw that there is a demand in provinces that are not economically adequate in terms of population. The demand of Çorum and Samsun is a serious economic demand. It is indispensable if our companies will compete in the world market. This is a populist discourse, not an approach. We must keep this separate from other demands. "We will be glad if you bring it up."

CHP Provincial Chairman Cengiz Atlas and Central District President Ali Riza Suludere was present at the end of the visit Başarahıncal, Akkaya'ya presented paleket.

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