Kilis Municipality's asphalt works started in Karatas neighborhood

Kilis Municipality's asphalt works started in Karataş District: Kilis Municipality started asphalt works in Karataş District. Before starting the asphalt works, the Directorate of Science Affairs eliminated the deficiencies of the roads to be asphalt. The asphalting work was first started in Karataş Neighborhood. Kilis Mayor Hasan Kara stated that he will continue to work on paving the damaged roads uninterruptedly, and that the asphalt works that started in Karataş Neighborhood will be completed as soon as possible. President Kara said, 'Before the election, I promised our people that we would solve the asphalt problem. Our work in this direction continues rapidly. We are bringing our promise to Karataş Neighborhood on behalf of him. Asphalt works continue under the coordination of Deputy Mayor Mehmet Ali Eryılmaz.

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