Asphalt Works of Odunpazarı Municipality

Asphalt Studies of Odunpazarı Municipality: Odunpazarı Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs teams continue their asphalt works in many areas of the city.
In the Odunpazarı region, the municipal teams that determine the streets, streets and schools in need of asphalt continue their asphalt works in line with the demands of the citizens. Teams of the Directorate of Science Affairs, finally in the Büyükdere District Governor Mehmet Kılıçlar Kindergarten garden asphalt work was done. The municipal workers, who paved the whole of the poor schoolyard, brought the school garden to a new and modern look.
Municipal authorities, asphalting in many parts of the city continues to work, stating that all the school gardens in summer, asphalted said.

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