Asphalt and Pavement Works of Toroslar Municipality

Asphalt and Pavement Works of Toroslar Municipality: Toroslar Municipality continues to work on the regulation of melted asphalts and degraded pavements in summer months.
According to the written statement made by the municipality, Toroslar Mayor Hamit Tuna examined the asphalt and pavement arrangement work carried out by the municipal officials in the Osmaniye District.
Tuna, first of the old neighborhoods asphalt missing, then the new connected places will give weight to the reported.
Stating that they made asphalting works with finisher after completing the pavements of high and asphalt roads, Tuna stated that they will continue to work in Güneykent District after Osmaniye District.
Yellow line against pavement occupation in Tarsus
Tarsus Municipality started the "Yellow line" application to relieve pedestrian traffic and prevent pavement occupation.
Municipality, the workplace in the district to put the materials on the sidewalk to eliminate the discomfort arising from the place where the goods can be placed on the sidewalks drew a yellow line.
Mayor Şevket Can said that some of the workplaces exhibited their products on the sidewalks and started such an application to eliminate noise and image pollution.
Can, legal action will be done about those who do not comply with the decision, he said.

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