Apazarı-Istanbul commuter flights will start in September

Apazarı-Istanbul suburban flights will start in September: Kocaeli Governor Ercan Topaca got on the High Speed ​​Train from Izmit Train Station and participated in the test drive. Topaca, who traveled between Izmit and Pendik, did not take photographs on the train, but also avoided giving information to the journalists in Kocaeli. The Minister of Transport is expected to make a statement to the public about the program tomorrow about the Fast Train. The only good news that Governor Ercan Topaca gives for our city is that the high-speed train will pick up passengers from our city during the feast, and the suburban train, which has been waiting for the students especially for 2,5 years, will be put into service at the end of August and the beginning of September.

The High Speed ​​Train (YHT), which has been delayed countless times, will finally start 25 in July. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will make the inauguration of official sources for this date. This is the first time that the governor, Topaca, who carried out the test swarm before the opening, was on board for the first time. Topaca's most prominent news for our province, Xnumx closed in February, the suburban line between Apazari-Istanbul in the least speed train comfort in the interior and exterior renovations as of the end of August, said the service will be given in early September.

In the morning with the High Speed ​​Train from Istanbul Pendik 'the Governor Topaca, at noon again came to Izmit with YHT. After conducting the test drive between İzmit and Pendik, Governor Topaca, Test drives did not start today, a process that has been ongoing for some time. We were here this morning because of a program. When the time of the high-speed train coincided with Pendik Station, we went and arrived. Hızlı

Noting that YHT is an important project for the country and the region, Governor Topaca said, önemli It is an important project that has been carried out recently for our country. Previously there was the Ankara Eskişehir line. Then new lines were opened. I hope that a ceremony will be held in Pendik on Friday, Istanbul will begin to work in Ankara route. He is very interested in Kocaeli. Both the opening of Anatolia and Istanbul to go to the direction of traffic in our city after Friday will relax. The fact that the high-speed train has been put into service before the feast will relieve the feast traffic partially. Bayram
We couldn't spare a lot of time on the line

Topaca answered the question of when the commuter line will be started between the Adapazarı and Istanbul, which ended its flights in 2012, and said: da We did not spend much time in the suburban line due to the fact that it was focused on putting the high speed train into service. The lines used are either renewed or brought closer to the comfort of YHT and there is an improvement. Expeditions to commence suburban lines will begin at the end of August towards the middle of September.

Providing brief information on YHT, Governor Topaca said, Y It will provide facilities for university students. We are happy as a city. To have a high-speed train service of our country is a project that comes out of the top league. We want to educate our citizens safely and safely. The comfort of the plane. State railways will set a price yet there is nothing fully finalized. Bus service is high but will be quite economical compared to the plane. My estimate will be from the comfort of the high-speed aircraft that will be between the Istanbul Ankara line 50-60 TL.

Answering the claims that YHT was raised before the elections and not safe, Governor Topaca said, ces We are not running the high speed train. 4-5 Eskişehir Ankara Konya line for years. Our engineers have enough knowledge and experience. The state does not take such a risk. At the moment I do not see such a risk. The accident is involved in every transport, but the important thing is to minimize this, and it is not clear that these measures have been taken. Ankara Eskişehir Istanbul Pendik station will not stop exactly what happened. 1-2 will be clear during the day X.



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