Antalya Metropolitan mobilization

Road mobilization from Antalya Metropolitan Municipality: Antalya Metropolitan Municipality 3 poured 36 kilometers of asphalt pavement to districts per month and 194 kilometers made stabilized road works. The roads were repaired by patching in 719 kilometers.
Menderes Türel, the Mayor of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, started a road campaign to avoid leaving unpaved roads. Aiming to bring the same service to the villages in the cities, Başkan There will be no village without roads Başkan, President Türel started asphalt mobilization as soon as he took office. Metropolitan teams, villages, upland roads to the most remote corners of Antalya is doing road work. Metropolitan Municipality, 3 in a short period of months 36 mileage and asphalt pavement in districts and villages with 193 mileage stabilized road works.
Metropolitan Municipality, 6.5 kilometers in Aşağıoba, Karataş, Dereli and Kevşiller neighborhoods of Döşemealtı, 1 kilometers in Çamlıca Neighborhood of Kepez, 14 kilometers in Beykonak District of Kumluca, Kaş's Peninsula Road, 4.7 kilometers of hot asphalt poured into Sarıbelen and Hacıoğlanlı neighborhoods. 5.8 kilometer on the way to Korkuteli's Çomaklı Söbüce Plateau and 4 kilometer on the coastal road and neighborhood roads of Demre and a total of 36 kilometer hot asphalt pavements were made.
The metropolitan teams do not neglect the highland roads which are frequently used in summer. 25 kilometer on Akseki Göktepe highland road, 27 kilometer on Serak Çanakçı, Karıncalı and Akbaş highland roads and 5 kilometer on Gazipaşa Belbaşı highland roads, Dolbazlar of Manavgat, Beşkonak highland roads, Gaziler neighborhood road and 26 kilometer in Döşemealtı 8.5 kilometers in Kumluca Beykonak Neighborhood, 14 kilometers in Elmalı Gölova and Sahur neighborhoods, 7 kilometers in Kaş, 14.7 kilometers in Korkuteli, 25 kilometers in Demre neighborhood roads.
Isa Akdemir, the Coordinator of the Districts of the Metropolitan Municipality, stated that they are carrying on their activities intensively throughout Antalya and said, “The graders of the Metropolitan Municipality are working in the highlands. We are establishing a new organization. We'il switch to the branch system. We will have tools in all districts. Antalya will not go to service vehicles. Once the system is in place, everything will be in place. We set up a patch team for the maintenance of the roads. 719 patched the area of ​​kilometers and maintained the roads. We opened a new 1 kilometer road in Gumuskavak, Alanya. In 2015 we aim to pour 500 mileage asphalt and 300 mileage hot asphalt. We will also renew our vehicles soon. Menderes president's goal in 2019 until the unpaved road to continue to work to continue, ”he said.



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