12 Trains Can Dock At The New YHT Station Of Ankaran At The Same Time (Photo Gallery)

12 Trains Can Dock at the New YHT Station of Ankaran Simultaneously: The Capital's New YHT Station will be built as a 'GARAVM' model, which will have similar features to gigantic airports. Accordingly, a 5-star hotel will be built on two floors of the station, while restaurants and cafes are planned to be built on the roof floor, and shops will be located on the lower floor. Following the displacement of the lines, 12 high-speed train lines, 420 meters long, 6 conventional, 4 suburban and freight train lines will be built at the new station, where 2 high-speed train sets can dock at the same time. In addition, while it is planned to use the capital Ankara YHT Station and the existing station in coordination, underground and aboveground connection of the two station buildings will be provided. On the other hand, a tunnel with a moving band will be built from Ankaray's Maltepe station to the new station building.



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