They Protest the Opening of the Ankara - Istanbul YHT Line

Ankara - Istanbul Protesting the Opening of the YHT Line: Haydarpaşa Solidarity on the 39th anniversary of the accelerated train disaster, where 10 people died in Pamukova, and Kadıköy As the preparations for the City Solidarity have not been completed, the high-speed train will be protested. It was pointed out that the technical preparations have not yet been completed in the call for action by both solidarity, and it was noted that the introduction of the high-speed train may cause a new disaster.


Haydarpaşa Solidarity and Kadıköy In the written statement made by Kent Solidarity, it was underlined that the probability of repetition of Pamukova disaster, which occurred on July 10, 22, 2004 years ago, due to insufficient infrastructure, has not been completed due to the lack of infrastructure in the YHT line.

It is stated that the non-operation of conventional trains has condemned the population to YHT, which is expensive.

It was emphasized that the historical and registration stations in the suburban line were damaged due to the Marmaray study and the stations should continue to function as railway. It was stated that more than a thousand trees were cut on the route where the line was built in the Marmaray project.

It was criticized that the implementation of the YHT project without resorting to the opinion of the professional chambers and unions was criticized, “We would like to warn you once again with a deep concern that the job is to invite an organized murder”. At 22:2014 on July 20.00, XNUMX to protest the YHT line Kadıköy Haydarpaşa Gara walk will be gathered in Taurus.



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