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Ankara-İstanbul HRC Security Cage: The High Speed ​​Train (YHT) between Ankara and Istanbul is postponed and the security patrols of the gendarmerie on line continue. The female non-commissioned officer in the team at Bozüyük District Gendarmerie Command is watching the binoculars with her binoculars.

The work on the Ankara-Istanbul High-Speed ​​Line, which was delayed 2 times due to the sabotage, was completed. The opening of the high-speed train 5 by Prime Minister Erdoğan in July was postponed due to the discomfort of the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Lütfi Elvan. Despite possible sabotage on the line gendarmerie teams also increased their patrol. In recent months, the gendarmes of the inspections, in a short period of time while giving fruit to the line, many people who tried to steal the line was handed over to the judicial authorities.


The district gendarmerie commanders in Bilecik Bozüyük district continue their routine patrols on the YHT line in the fields before the opening of the line. A female non-commissioned officer working in the District Gendarmerie Command is participating in patrols on the YHT line with the team. The female non-commissioned officer, who participated in the patrol with all her equipment, continues her duty with a pair of binoculars and controls she has placed with the team at certain intervals both day and night.

Gendarmerie teams, who continue their patrols with the slogan iyor High-Speed ​​Train Line are all of our property, please don't harm us er, even behave in a manner that informs the citizens of the nearby settlements despite possible negative events.

With the start of operation, the train between Ankara and Istanbul, which is 523 kilometers long, is expected to move at a speed of 250 kilometers per hour. The distance between these two cities, which is taken in 7 hours with the old railway network, is aimed to be reduced to 3 hours with the new line, which is also used for test drives.

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