Good news for the Ankara-Istanbul high-speed train line! Be Free!

Feast good news for Ankara-Istanbul high speed train line: The festive good news has come to Ankara-Istanbul high speed train line, which will start working on 25 July. The high-speed train is expected to be free until July 3, the third day of the holiday.

The high-speed train that will run between Ankara and Istanbul is now over. While the breath was held for the train to start working on July 25, a good news came for the Feast of Ramadan. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is expected to give the good news and make a statement to make the high-speed train free on holidays. After the feast, normal pricing will be started on the high-speed train. It is stated that the pricing will be more expensive than the bus and less expensive than the plane.


In order to encourage train transportation, 26 will be able to get a return ticket according to passengers' tariff, 20 for young travelers, teachers, soldiers and yellow card holders. 7 discount will be applied on 12-60 age and 50 on XNUMX age. Thus, the use of train transportation is expected to increase.


The history of the railroad in the Ottoman territory, the 1851 km of the Cairo-Alexandria railway line in 211, the date of the railways in the national borders of the 23 1856 130 XNUMX XNUMX in the year of the privilege of the Izmir-Aydin Railway line starts.

Ottoman Railways was governed by the Turuk and Meabir (Road and Construction) Department of the Ministry of Public Works for a time. 24 In September 1872, the Railways Administration was established to realize the construction and operation of the railway.

The 4.136 km section of the Ottoman period remained within our national borders. 2.404 kilometers of these lines of foreign companies, the 1.377 kilometer was operated by the state.

In addition, the “72-36 Transportation Master Plan”, which is the only national transportation plan in our country, which is seen as a step towards improving our transportation system, aims to decrease the road transportation share from 1983% to 1993%, has not been implemented. And it was removed from the application after 1986.

Even when we make an overall assessment of this plan, we get stunning results. For example; As a result of increasing the share of railways only in freight transportation, there is a decrease in energy pollution, traffic accident, number of injured and dead people and air pollution. If the share of the railway in freight transport is increased to 30%; It is estimated that approximately 1.500 people will be saved from death and 16.000 from injury in the ten-year period.

As a result, as a result of the road-weighted transportation policies implemented after the 1950s, the length of the highway increased by 1950% between 1997-80, while the length of the railway increased only by 11%. Investment shares in the transportation sectors; In the 1960s, while the highway had a 50% share and the rail had a 30% share, the share of the railroad has remained below 1985% since 10.



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