Ankara - Istanbul High Speed ​​Train Project Tunnel security electromechanical tender will be invited for the contract

TCDD Ankara - Istanbul High Speed ​​Train Project, E + M Elektrik company, which won the tunnel safety electromechanical tender, will be invited for the contract these days.

New developments were recorded regarding the "Tunnel Safety Electromechanical Work" tender within the scope of the "Ankara - Istanbul High Speed ​​Train Project", whose bids were collected on 19 September 2013 by the General Directorate of Turkish State Railways (TCDD).
According to the information received by the Investments Magazine; The E + M Elektrik company, which won the tender, will be invited for the contract after the decision of the PPL reaches TCDD. A contract will be signed with the company for 38.937.000 liras in the coming days.
As it is known, in recent days, the JCC rejected the objection of Savronik Sistem on 14 May 2014 for the result of the tender.
Savronik Sistem had previously appealed to the JCC for the outcome of the tender, and the JCC, evaluating the objection, decided to take corrective action in the tender. In line with the decision of the JCC, E + M Elektrik, Savronik Sistem, Aykon Elektrik, EMT - Doğan Engineering joint venture and Elit Proje - Elektrio Mühendislik joint venture had reviewed the work experience documents and evaluated the tender again.
As a result of the evaluation of the tender again with the offer of 38.937.000 TL E + M Electric company won. Approximately cost 51.065.578,98 lira as the tender in question previously won E + M Electric company. As is known, other companies participating in the tender were determined as follows:
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2. E + M Electric
3. EMT - Electric Contracting
4. Fora Mechatronics
5. Savronik System
6. Theme - Ultra Technology
7. Building Center
Ref .: Investments Magazine 1187 / 23 June 2014 (APE)

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