Ankara-Istanbul High Speed ​​Train Will Be Doping Tourism

Ankara-Istanbul High Speed ​​Train Will Be Doping To Tourism: The Ankara-Istanbul High Speed ​​Train, which will start voyages two days later, made tourism professionals smile. The project, which is expected to increase the number of tourists in Ankara, Konya, Kayseri and Cappadocia by 10% in the first place, attracted approximately $ 1.8 billion of hotel investment to the region.

which will be opened on July 25, Turkey's 70-year dream ankaraistanbul High Speed ​​Train (YHT) and put smiles on the faces of the tourism sector. The project, which will carry an average of 7.5 million people per year, is expected to start a great tourism movement in Ankara, and it is predicted that this will affect the surrounding provinces.

Timur Bayındır, President of Touristic Hoteliers, Operators and Investors Union (TUROB), said that with the start of high-speed train services, the number of tourists coming to Ankara, Konya, Kayseri and Cappadocia Region will increase by 10 percent in the first place. Konya Provincial Director of Culture and Tourism Mustafa Çıpan said, “With the Ankara-Konya YHT, the number of tourists in Konya increased by 30 percent. We hosted 2013 million tourists in 2.3. Now Istanbul will be added to it. "We think the number of tourists will double in 2-3 years," he said. Expressing that Konya has a capacity of 4 beds, Çıpan said that an investment certificate with a capacity of 500 beds was obtained, which corresponds to approximately 5 million dollars.

Kayseri Provincial Culture and Tourism Director Ismet Toy have to enter the province between Turkey's leading winter sports in the city after the project, he said. Toymuş said, “The high speed train excites us very much. Over the last 2 years, over 300 million dollars of hotel investments have been made in our city ”. Cappadocia Touristic Hoteliers and Operators Association President Ahmet Tok stated that 2.5 million people visited the region and they foresee that this number will increase by 20-25 percent after the project.

Saying that Ankara has made great strides in transportation, TUROB President Bayındır said, "The renovation of Esenboğa Airport, Anadolu Jet's making the city a base and the start of direct international flights increased the tourism activity in the city." Stating that this has whet the investors' appetite, Bayındır said, “There are 328 hotels in the city. 2 more hotels with a thousand bed capacity will be added in 3-38 years. This means an investment of approximately 1 billion dollars ”.

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