Altınovada Road Works Completed

Altınovada Road Works Completed: Kepez Municipality, Altınova Sinan neighborhood has completed the asphalt work on Hanımeli Street.
Kepez Mayor Hakan Tütüncü'nin instructed by a project to expand Hanımeli Street, where two vehicles could not pass side by side, the Directorate of Science Affairs changed the location of the water channel in order to expand the street.
Next to the existing channel was a new channel with 1800 meter length, depth of 3 meter, mouth width 6 meter. After the construction of 1600 cubic meters of concrete, the area of ​​the old channel, which was cleaned from the mud, was added to the road by filling with excavation. Thus, the road with the 5 meter, 30 meter was expanded and adapted to the situation in the zoning plan.
Following the consolidation of the infrastructure, the Directorate of Science Affairs carried out the paving of asphalt on the road between Altınova Bridge and Serik Street. Painting of the curb stones on the road and road line studies are also over.



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