Aliaga 2. International Logistics Summit Studies Started

📩 30/11/2018 16:14

Aliaga 2. International Logistics Summit Studies Started: The Aliaga Chamber of Commerce (ALTO), which aims to make Aliaga, the gateway of the Izmir and Aegean industries to the world, into an export and logistics center providing strategic superiority to our country in the Mediterranean and Aegean, '2. Aliağa International Port Management and Logistics Summit has begun. The first one was held at the preliminary preparation meeting, Ege Fertilizer Port Manager Usluhan Algür, Nemport Port Manager Oğuz Tümiş, Petlim Port Manager Süleyman Çokan and 3e Consulting CEO Rüçhan Derici.

Aliağa shows leap forward in the port and logistics sector

Aliağa Chamber of Commerce, which works at a macro level with a broad vision in order for Aliağa to get a higher share of the country and world trade, aims to integrate the issues of the public and private sector by bringing together the components of the public and private sector every year due to regional and sectoral needs and legal regulations. Last year, the 1 st realized the importance of maritime trade and economic development in Turkey and around the harbor, the village is spoken of the importance of logistics and terminal management; The second summit of the Summit, which was stated to be quite productive for the sector by the participants, will be held in Aliağa on October 2-23, 24.

For the more planned development of Aliağa and the international recognition of the district, 1 was previously established. and 2. 1 with International Aliaga Iron and Steel Peaks. Expressing that they have realized the Aliaga Port Management and Logistics Summit, Adnan Saka, the President of ALTO, said that they planned this summit to reveal the developments, problems and solutions that emerged in the port and logistics sector.

Adnan Saka: “We would like to draw attention to developments in port and logistics mel

Aliaga Chamber of Commerce Chairman Adnan Saka, emphasizing the importance of the region as the ALTO Aliaga'nin international awareness, aiming to increase the effectiveness of this year and the second summit will be held by analyzing the region to integrate port-logistics and industry, adding that they said: With this international summit, we aim to increase the international recognition of Aliağa, the impact of world developments in port management and logistics on our region and increase the contribution of Aliağa to the country's economy. All the dynamics and developments of Turkey's Aliaga industry in the near future, the future of a strategic position in trade and logistics area is clearly revealed. "

International and National Participation to the Summit

The international leaders of the sector, the companies operating in the sector, academicians and the young people joining the sector are the agenda topics of the Summit. In addition to topics such as logistics, new agenda items will be created with the suggestions of the participants.

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