Akhisar is not punished for electric bikes without helmets

Akhisar electric helmets not wearing helmets: Akhisar District Police Department of traffic teams connected to the application for the first time electric bicycle drivers were not wearing a helmet criminal procedure was applied. Drivers who do not comply with the rules, according to the Highways Traffic Act 19 lira was imposed an administrative fine.
In a statement made by the traffic teams, the following statements were given: in Due to the increase in the number of motorcycles and electric bikes coming into traffic due to the warming of the weather and the summer season, electric bicycle drivers who do not have to be registered, they do not use protection helmets and protection goggles, There are discomforts and complaints among our citizens because they often make red light violations and use vehicles in such a way as to endanger pedestrian safety on the sidewalks.
Therefore, since traffic rules apply to all road users, especially electric bicycles and drivers are subject to the same rules. Information and awareness-raising activities will be focused on increasing awareness of vital importance, and necessary legal sanctions will be applied in relation to the rules violations and deficiencies detected in traffic inspections. en also punished. On the other hand, the day and day uncontrolled audits will continue to be reported.

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