Abundance Expression Will Give Its First Iftar today

Abundance Express First to Give Iftar in Adapazari Today: Bayrampaşa Municipality's "Brotherhood Knows No Borders" launched with the slogan Iftar program in Turkey tens of thousands of people will gather at the train station. The first iftar 1 will start in Adapazarı on Tuesday evening.

In 2005, Bayrampaşa Municipality will set up iftar tables in Anatolia this year with its 'Bereket Ekspresi'. The fraternity of brotherhood will move to Anatolia this year with the Bereket Express. Bayrampaşa Municipality's Bereket Express will travel throughout Anatolia during the month of Ramadan, bringing together a total of 9 thousand people in iftar dinners that will be established in the train stations. Quran recitations, Sufi Music and Sema performances, Turkish folk music concerts, folk dances and folklore shows will be performed in Iftar programs.

1 'Bereket Ekspresi', which will depart from Istanbul on July Tuesday, will give its first iftar program at Adapazarı Train Station. Bayrampaşa Municipality officials Köroğlu Alioğlu and Ahmet Yiğit visited Adapazarı Municipality Culture and Social Affairs Manager Özkan Gümülcineli.

Bayrampaşa Municipality officials, who were waiting for all mayors and department managers in Adapazarı, said that ro Our aim is to bring people together during Ramadan. A total of 10 will serve in our 80 wagon train. In Adapazarı, we expect all the citizens of Sakarya, our governors, our presidents and our department managers to give the iftar for the 3 thousand people'n.


1 'Bereket Express' which will leave Adapazarı in July, 2 in July in Bozöyük, 3 in Eskişehir in July, 5 in Yerköy in July, 6 in Şefaatli in July and 7 in July 9 in Kayseri in July, 10 in Malatya in July, 12 in Mersin in July, 13 in Karaman in July, 14 in Konya in July, 16 in July in Afyon 17 in July in Salihli, 19 in July in Nazilli, 20 in Selcuk in July, 21 in Tire in July, 22 in Basmane in July, 23 lost hundreds of miners in July In Soma, 23 will bring together thousands of people in Manisa in July and 25 in Balıkesir in July.

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