Tokat - Turhal road is not finished for many years

Tokat - Turhal road is not finished for many years: 45 kilometer road between Tokat and Turhal could not be completed for 12 years. CHP provincial chairman Duran Kum rebelled.
CHP provincial chairman Duran Kum, 2002 in the construction of the 45 kilometer between the Tokat-Turhal road works are still not finished saying, UM What is the crime of this road? Marmaray is over, the 45-kilometer Tokat-Turhal road cannot be completed. Marmar
Tokat-Turhal Highway, which previously served as a single lane in Tokat, was made double-stranded after the works started in 2002. However, in the intermittent time interval, a frequent maintenance and repair work was carried out on the 45 kilometer. As a result of the studies, the road to the villages and towns on the road intersection, asphalt road masonry because of the previously made asphalt was excavated and replaced with asphalt. Lastly, the asphalt work was started again in the vicinity of Söngüt village. On the other hand, the opposition parties in the city have been reacting about 5 for years. This problem is one of the most obvious problems of the city.
Near the ongoing asphalt works in the vicinity of the center of Söngüt village in the description of the Provincial Chairman of the CHP Duran Kum, 45 kilometers of the work began in 2002 said. The 12 45 kilometer road could not be completed for years, he said: bu Today we want to finish the Marmaray Istanbul but we want to ask what the purpose of this 45 kilometer way is not to end. In this context, we would like to ask the path of this snake which has not been ending in 12 for years by making the auctions to which companies who are related to this way. Dear citizens, "why can't this way be finished?" he says, we can not get the answer from the authorities of power. I would like to ask again. Who has this relationship with? Why is this 45 mile road not finished for 12 years? Now this road continues working on it again. This road 12 is being continuously removed and asphalted during the year. What is the sin of this road offense. I wonder if anyone can take this path. I want to learn this. This way 12 has been dismantled once in the year 12. In other words, Marmaray is over, and the Tokat-Turhal road of 45 is not completed. Marmar
President Kum, Tokat-Turhal highway related to the Road Regional Directorate called for an explanation about the road.


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