On the anniversary of the Pamukova High Speed ​​Train accident Kadıköyaction in

On the anniversary of the Pamukova High Speed ​​Train accident Kadıköyaction in:Kadıköy Hundreds of people participated in the action of “Opening the incomplete MDS, selling the Haydarpaşa Station”, which was realized on the anniversary of the City Solidarity and Haydarpaşa Solidarity in Pamukova 10 years ago, which caused the death of 41 people.

Kadıköy Urban Solidarity and Haydarpaşa Solidarity are on the anniversary of the High Speed ​​Train accident that took place in Pamukova on July 22, 2004, where 41 people died. Kadıköymade an action in.

Hundreds of people gathered at Altıyol protested the sale of the new High Speed ​​Train line between Eskişehir and Pendik and the sale of Haydarpaşa Train Station.

According to the news in Sendika.org, the crowd, who walked from the Bull statue to Haydarpaşa Train Station, carried a banner with the names of those who lost their lives in Pamukova and signs on which the demands were written. Kadıköy While the forums were carrying the banner of "Haydar is a hotel, ayol", reactions to Israel's Gaza attack were reflected in banners, foreign currency and slogans.

During the march, ülke No Haydarpaşa wardrobe for war her, “Cultural heritage cannot be sold ol,“ Gar, hospital, no harbor, no ayı, “Our capital is defunct Istanbul atı,“ Everywhere is Palestine everywhere gard, “This country is for sale not dı slogans were thrown.

The action continued on the steps of Haydarpaşa Gar. People who lost their lives in Palestine for a moment of silence, a person in the train accident in Pamukova lost their relatives, told about the pain. Then the Union of United Transport Workers (BTS) General Organization Secretary İshak Kocabıyık read the joint statement. Kocabıyıkı said that 25 will be opened in 2014 in 10 before the completion of the construction works of Eskişehir-Pendik high-speed train line. He reminded 41 mortal high-speed train accident that occurred in Pamukova years ago.

The Prime Minister's ve I gave the order oy during the Gezi uprising, he said, continued in the early opening of the high-speed train line, as in many other areas. ”It has caused many accidents, which are not reflected,” he said. Kocabıyık, 3 July at Diliskelesi station in the test drive reminded me of the accident.

1 May 2013 154 of the passing of the Turkish Parliament passed the Parliament's annual railway gains and TCDD means that the law on the restructuring of the Kocabıyık, Haydarpaşa and Sirkeci stations, especially Söğütlüçeşme'dan Pendik'e, Yedikule HalkalıHe pointed out that most of the stations will be transferred to IMM and their functions will be eliminated with income-generating development plans.

Kocabıyık, X High Speed ​​Train Line according to the TCDD investment program is the end date 2016. The 25 is an unfinished line that will be opened in July 2014. Carrying out an unfinished railway line is a big risk in terms of train traffic and safety. High-speed train lines should be independent and accredited by international organizations. This line has no such accreditation. Bu

Architect Mücella Yapıcı from Taksim Solidarity, Eyüp Muhcu, the President of the Chamber of Architects, and Hüseyin Demirdizen, Secretary General of the Turkish Medical Association, joined the protest with applause and slogans. At the end of the action, the Haydarpaşa Garage stairwells were called for Thursday and Sunday meetings.



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