Approval of Highways for Manisa Metropolitan Projects

Manisa Metropolitan Projects Approved by Highways: Manisa Metropolitan Mayor Cengiz Ergün, who visited the 2nd Regional Director of Highways, Abdülkadir Uraloğlu, exchanged ideas about the city's urgent problems to be solved.
Cengiz Ergün, the Mayor of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, visited the 2nd Regional Director of the Highways Abdülkadir Uraloğlu to discuss the bridging junction to be built with the bus terminal intersection and the arrangement of the ring road. Stating that the visit was very productive, Mayor Ergün said, “Our aim is to ensure that these projects are put into practice as soon as possible. Our negotiations were very positive. ”
In addition to Mayor Ergün, the Secretary General of Metropolitan Municipality Halil Memiş, MASKİ General Manager Yakup Koç, Transportation Department President Mümin Deniz and Mayor Advisor Ahmet Turgut participated in the visit. Providing information to the Regional Director of Highways Uraloğlu about the projects they prepared during the visit, Mayor Ergün stated that they wanted to realize the projects as soon as possible and gave information about the intersections to be made to the front of the bus station that was completed and the landscape and lighting works of the districts. Underlining that the Istanbul-İzmir, Turgutlu-Ankara routes will be connected to this junction as well as being a ring road route, President Ergün gave information about the issues on the agenda during the visit. Underlining that they are working for the best possible solution for the garage junction, Mayor Ergün said, “There was also a work of the Regional Directorate of Highways related to this place. We want to reveal a study in which our ideas overlap. There were some things we wanted about the place. We think it will be completed as soon as possible. Of course, the intersection project to be held in front of the garage must be approved by the General Directorate of Highways. We are close to the solution. ”
Rail System to be Connected to Garage
Reminding that he has works on light rail in Manisa, Mayor Ergün said, “We exchanged views on this issue during our visit to our Regional Directorate of Highways. We also want to connect the rail system to the garage. At this point, a common solution will be found. After the approval of the garage intersection, expropriation works will start immediately there. We will provide the solution to this issue without making the citizen victimized. We want to carry out the process in the fastest way. ”
Transit Underpasses and Transit Underpasses are Coming to Five Districts
Stating that another issue discussed during the visit was Köprülü crossroads to be built in the districts, President Ergün said, “This issue, which was also among our projects during the election period, was received by the Highways positively. We reached an agreement on the intersection arrangements to be made for Turgutlu, Salihli, Saruhanlı, Alaşehir, Ahmetli and the construction of transit highway underpasses by us. With these projects, we aim to prevent both traffic accidents and to combine these districts, where the Ankara-Izmir road divides in two, and to provide more green areas and pedestrianized areas. We will carry out the projects in accordance with the standards of the Highways and to serve our purposes. ”
Landscape and Lighting of the Ring Road
Mayor Ergün stated that the ring road passing through Manisa will be illuminated by the landscape arrangements in the areas of middle refuge and expropriation, and said, “A consensus has been reached on this matter. Our Regional Directorate of Highways has told us that they will support us in these works. I thank them for their benevolent approach and support to the projects we have prepared. We aim to turn our metropolitan city into a modern city with our districts in the near future. ” On the other hand, stating that the solid waste field and rubble excavation sites were also on the agenda during the visit, President Ergün stated that the studies on this issue are going to be informed about the works.

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