Mine Mountain Road Renewed with Ziver Construction and Volvo Collaboration

Mineral Mountain Road Ziv and Volvo Construction Cooperation With Renewed: Mountain Mining Machinery path ASCEA I was brought assurances offered for sale with Volvo Construction Machines by partnering with even more modern and secure solutions in Turkey.
Ziv, one of Turkey's well-established construction firms, construction Elazig-Diyarbakir highway projects carried out between Mineral Mountain double with north and south were able to safely interconnect. One of the most important road safety issues in the past and living in Elazig-Diyarbakir road Ziv sold by Volvo Construction Construction Machinery ASCEA thought has become a modern and safe in cooperation with Turkey.
Ziver Construction, which gathered its strength in the Elazig-Malatya region in terms of equipment, machinery and management, also signed projects such as Malatya-Kayseri, Malatya-Gölbaşı and Mersin roads in this region. The company, which has been in the contracting sector with road, dam construction and infrastructure projects since 2004, continues to work on the Malatya-Sivas road as well as the 55-km Malatya Ring Road. The Mines Mountain project, which was delivered on 8 December 31, stands out as the most important project that characterizes Ziver Construction. The success of the project in this region, which is accessible by tunnels and viaducts and has a difficult geography, is also the signature of Volvo İş Makinaları.
Ziver Construction, which prefers tough jobs where the machine technique is required, has been using the construction machine preference only for 10 years. All construction machines used by Ziver Construction from grader to cylinder, loader to lodge since 2004, when double road projects started, are named after Volvo. The company, which has machines from all series of Volvo in its machine park, started to work with Volvo with the excavator it purchased for use on the Malatya-Ankara road 10 years ago. This meeting soon became a long-term partnership.
Viver Demirci, Chairman of Ziver İnşaat, states that they are happy to work with ASCENDUM Makina. Demirci said, “The fact that it provides savings in fuel fueled us to buy construction equipment from Volvo. We were very pleased with our trials and increased the number of machines. ” We now own the machine from all Volvo series. For example, we use all of the excavator from 20 tons to 70 tons. ” “Growing companies do not distinguish machines. But institutionalized companies want their machines to be in the high quality and strong segment, ”says Demirci.“ That's why we have used our preference for Volvo for the last 10 years. ”
Demirci emphasizes that construction equipment investment is not just a purchase. “The machine is a manufacturing factory and if it fails, that machine doesn't make sense to you. Demirci adds strength, improves your performance and helps you get the job done prematurely, ”says Demirci.“ That's why we chose Volvo. ”
The most important reasons behind Ziver Construction's choice of Volvo are durability, quality and fuel saving. Demirci adds that they are very satisfied with the after-sales services. The company, which works with Volvo as a service agreement, saves money by paying the same fee under all conditions. “It seems more practical and costless to get an outside repair service at first; But you realize that you pay more after 6-7 thousand hours, ”Demirci said,“ But thanks to the maintenance agreement, with the regular oil analysis and satellite tracking every month, the machine malfunction, like a patient, is treated without growing. "These services from Volvo increase both our efficiency and our satisfaction."
Ziver Construction's trust in Volvo is at the highest level. “I tell all my friends who do business to buy Volvo machines, if they are not satisfied, they can get their money from me.” Demirci said, “I recommend it to everyone if I bought and tested a Volvo machine and was satisfied. Volvo has advanced its technology very much in the last 10 years and it is still advancing. R&D studies are strong. I recommend Volvo to everyone because they intervene instantly when you pick up the phone when you have a problem. ”

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