The application of the metrobus hike clock refute the jet claim!

Jet rejection claim to metrobüse application hours: IMM Metrobus Price Arrangements Will Not Be Done Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, reported that there is no regulation work on Metrobus prices.

When the reactions to the Metrobus hike grew like an avalanche, a statement came from IETT. So, have Metrobuses raised? What is the latest situation in metrobus prices. We explain the metrobus hike reality for you.

General Directorate of Istanbul Electric Tram and Tunnel Enterprises, Metrobus and etc., we do not have any work and plan for the future of the arrangement or any increase in our vehicles. The news in the press and social media stated that they are completely unfounded and do not reflect the truth. While making a statement in response to the news made in IETT, he explained that the news on regulation and raise were completely essential. Here is the statement of IETT, “There are some information in the news that the wages will be kept high during peak hours in order to spread the metrobus density throughout the day. These news in the press do not reflect the truth and our institution does not have such a decision. "

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