Works continue in Hisardere Bridge Crossroad Project

Works continue on Hisardere Bridge Crossroad Project: Works are continuing on Hisardere Bridge Crossroad Project, which is a joint project of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality and Gölcük Municipality. Gölcük Mayor Mehmet Ellibeş, together with Deputy Mayor Kemal Kahraman, examined the works on site and received information from the authorities.
Mayor Ellibeş drew attention to the fact that the 35-meter-long, 60-meter-wide Hisardere Bridge Crossroad Project, which is referred to as the southern slope of the Hisardere Bridge, which will connect İhsaniye and Hisareyn, is of great importance for the region. Ellibeş said that the Metropolitan provided the material for the bridge crossing project, and that the Gölcük Municipality was responsible for the construction.
Mayor Ellibeş drew attention to the fact that the project gained more importance with the construction of the bridge in Hisardere, where a 7-kilometer rehabilitation work was carried out at the end of the tender made by DSI, “The Hisardere bridge will also facilitate the transportation to the upper villages. Another part of this bridge built on the south side will also be on the north side. From this bridge, there will be a transition to both Hisareyn and the road. We hope that thanks to this project, the accidents on the bridge called Karaköprü will decrease ”.

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