Eskişehir Rail Systems Cluster Evaluation Meeting

Eskişehir Rail System Cluster Evaluation Meeting: The meeting was held with the participation of the Eskişehir Rail Systems Cluster (RSK) Board of Directors and its members.

Kenan Işık, Head of Rail Systems Cluster, who made a speech at the opening of the meeting held in TÜLOMSAŞ, gave information about the latest developments in the sector and found out the place of Eskişehir in this subject and what to do. In his speech, Kenan Işık emphasized that in this rapidly developing sector, Eskişehir can take important share from the past and gain significant share in the market thanks to the capabilities and experiences gained in recent years.

In the meeting, the railway connection to the Organized Industrial Zone and the developments in this field were also evaluated, and information was given about the recent studies conducted by TÜLOMSAŞ General Manager Hayri Avcı.

In the meeting, the studies on the new generation 65000 series 5 locomotive which is in the stage of delivery of the Rail Systems Cluster companies to TCDD by serving as subcontractors and co-produced with GE was evaluated. The meeting ended with an iftar dinner attended by members of RSK.



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